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Medical Practice Revenue Reference & Discovery Tools for Streamlined Physician/Management Decision Making

Medical practices today, like their managed care partners across the table, are sitting on gold-mines of computerized proprietary business information. Unlike managed care however, medical practices have too little time and even less inclination to use it. The Macro Solution Program is designed to change that paradigm. It puts your key proprietary business information into an understandable, easy to use hard copy desk-reference or software tool.”

Macro Solution

While medical practices must make mission critical business decisions such as the selection of managed care programs, many ignore the vast resources at their disposal. They instead pass on the decision to disinterested staff or make decisions using hearsay or plain gut instinct. Physicians and key management must have the basic facts at their fingertips if they are to make informed decisions critical to the success of their business.

Medical practices generally are over-run with practice data. When key decisions must be made, finding the time to sort through it all to develop a tangible and useable format can be problematic. More often than not, this step is just not done – leaving a huge information gap.

In recognition of this issue, HCF Enhancement, LLC is proud to introduce its Macro Solution Program.

What is the Macro Solution Program?

The Macro Solution is a one-time or subscription program. It puts into the time-pressed physician's and manager's hands a graphically-based reference tool containing a summary of the practice's key revenue source data and benchmarks selected for their value to the practice's business decision making process.

Using the Macro Solution, you will have quick answers to hundreds of routine, historically difficult to answer, revenue related questions. Answer comparative questions about fees, charges, patient volume, procedure volumes, practice market-geography, reimbursement, and accounts receivable.

Here's an example of but a handful of the hundreds of questions you'll be able to answer readily if you subscribe to this service, or even try it out just once:

Think how much smarter you and your staff could work if you knew the elusive answers to these basic, but important questions.

Click Here to see part of a Macro Solutions sample report

How does the Macro Solution Program Work?

For first-time clients, a data specialist from HCF Enhancement will visit your office(s), briefly interview the physician(s) and the staff, and then mine your practice information system (computerized or paper) for key facts and data. The system queries are generally done in a couple short visits following the first visit.

Using our own computers and systems, HCF will then massage and refine that data into a usable, understandable format and present it to you in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow reference book or software disk. An oral presentation is typically included as part of the delivery and shows you how to get the most out of the Macro Solution going-forward.

Subscription clients have a data specialist assigned to their practices. This person will semi-annually or annually (depending on your contract) work with the practice to obtain updated information. HCF will then update the practice's reference book or software tools with new data to keep it current so you can make decisions based on current, readily available information.

$$$ Bonus

The Macro Solution is designed to be a reference tool to help practices become more aware of their business side. First-time and subscription clients generally receive a list of recommendations based on “discoveries” HCF finds in the course of preparing your package. These recommendations may be quite valuable (see below) and typically include revenue enhancing suggestions that may be taken immediately.

How much does the Macro Solution Program Cost?

Some HCF Enhancement clients have found their Macro Solution costs paid several times over from information included in the Recommendations feature alone (see “$$$ Bonus” described above). As practices vary, results vary too. Whatever the case may be, we believe that the value of the Macro Solution Program wins hands down in terms of return-on-investment over any savings one might have without the program. Because you will be more informed using Macro Solution, your future business decisions may be less risky and even less expensive.

A Brief Statement about Confidentiality and HIPPA

HCF Enhancement could not attract clients without being a trustworthy partner. As such, we take steps to ensure that practice data is kept in complete confidence and used for no purpose outside the contracted project.

HCF Enhancement, LLC is a professional consulting firm. While we strive for accuracy in the information we share, any free information found in this web site, including information derived from newsletters and links, is intended for general audiences and may not be appropriate for every situation. Please contact your professional practice consultant, before acting on any advice you see on the web.

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