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Newsletter #2

An open letter to Senator Bill Frist

Senator Frist - Forget Protocol
Call Home and Shape Comprehensive Healthcare Policy Now

Dear Senator Frist:

In past weeks you have accepted a role as leader of the majority party in the Senate House. With that role you have been granted awesome power to shape the direction of legislation for our country. As such, you are probably already getting loads of advice and solutions from your senatorial colleagues, business associates, constituents, and friends and family about the direction you should take in your leadership. This letter is no different, but its advice may surprise you. At least on one subject, it is the latter two from this list that I suggest you listen to most.

You are well aware the United States is facing a healthcare crisis. But this same country is in a unique position since you became majority leader that it may not see again for a considerably long time, if ever. With your experience and understanding of the existing healthcare system, your contacts in the clinical industry and new colleagues in places of leadership, i.e., political majority power, not to mention a President in your court; you have the opportunity to not only suggest, but actually shape the destiny of healthcare for generations to come in a way that works both politically and economically.

What makes your opportunity even better is that you can do this with the implicit input of those you trust most – your true friends and blood kin, who, as a matter of good fortune, understand the business as well as anyone. These leaders in the healthcare industry know more than a bandage is needed. I’m making an educated guess here, but I believe these “players” would much rather have a hand in a workable solution than have some strangers, much less another political party, force their unrealistic and unworkable ideas down on them and all they’ve built. They’ve seen this at least once in recent years and it was not pleasant. I believe if you asked, your contacts would pull out the stops to give you a workable solution.

So in closing, I ask that you please do not pass up this opportunity to make a long-term positive difference in the lives of every American resident. Call home. Listen to what your healthcare seasoned friends and family all have to say. They’re bright folks, they’ve been in the trenches, and most importantly, they won’t try to snow you. They’ve been thinking about this for a long time as have their many contacts. Surely someone down there has a workable idea or two. Oh, and before you go to bed tonight, as you say your prayers, you might even ask your late daddy for an idea or two. After all, he’s with the big guy who already knows what will happen if you don’t act.

Good luck and I wish you the best.

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